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Are you new to bodybuilding and want to know the best way to get started? Feeling inspired by old shots of Arnold Schwarzenegger and want to start entering some competitions? More men and women are now getting into bodybuilding, with an increasing number of competitions being held all across the country. You won’t suddenly see dramatic improvements overnight, but with time and commitment, sticking to your weight training program and a bodybuilding diet plan, you should see your muscle mass slowly grow over time.

Stick To A Strict BodyBuilding Exercise Program

To build a good foundation of muscle mass you need to start by focusing on barbells and dumbbells. You should start with basic movements first, the deadlift, squats, military shoulder press and barbell bench press is ideal for beginners. But if you are serious about bodybuilding then you need to stick to a strict exercise program. A personal trainer (or an experienced bodybuilder if you know once) can give you a program for you to follow. But while you may be committed to bodybuilding, don’t train every day. Your program should include three or four workouts a week, spending the time in-between resting and recovering.

Boost Your Training

For a long time, any association made with bodybuilding and supplements has generally been negative. While there is no denying that there have been cases of steroid and hormone abuse in the sport, there are some supplements worth bearing in mind when you start on your bodybuilding journey. Ostarine is considered as one of the safest anabolic SARMS available. Also known as MK-2866, a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM), Ostarine is popular with bodybuilders wanting to boost their strength and power, but with no adverse side effects. Originally created to treat muscle-wasting conditions, it became popular with bodybuilders for preserving lean tissue. Ostarine has also been found to be beneficial for bone and heart health and increases insulin resistance.  However, before you start taking any supplement, you should get advice from your doctor first.

Eat A Bodybuilding Diet

You will no doubt already know that protein is a bodybuilder’s best friend. It’s essential for building muscle and you can find it in dairy products, fish, chicken and certain nuts and vegetables. Around 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight is recommended for best results. If you struggle to get enough protein, then a protein shake will give your diet a boost. You also need to focus on eating more calories than you burn to build muscle, so if you are very active, you will likely need to up your calorie intake. But this doesn’t mean junk food. Stick to healthy fats, complex carbs, and lean proteins, along with plenty of fruit and vegetables. Overall, you should be aiming for four or five meals a day, eating every three to four hours.

Whether you are looking to sculpt your body or dream of competing professionally, becoming a bodybuilder is a serious commitment, but also one that is highly rewarding and well worth the effort.

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