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Achieving a Guinness World Record is no easy task these days, just the application process alone is confusing. If you’re having a discussion with your friends on a Friday night about attempting a World Record, then you’re quite the typical Brit. There are many weird and wonderful World Records set across the globe, from young to old and by many different species – even Merlin the cat from Torquay holds a World Record for being the’ Loudest Purring Domestic Cat’.

Some records have taken place in casinos. For example, the Black Bear Casino Resort cooked-up the biggest bacon cheeseburger. It measured 10 feet in diameter and weighed over a ton! Other casinos host a World Record – for example, the biggest daily jackpots. A trip to the casino, as we know, is much more than just playing card games. Take a look at some of the casino-themed Guinness World Records in this list – they could inspire you to attempt one of your own.

Farthest Playing Card Throw

In 2002, Rick Smith Jr. a magician from Ohio attempted the Guinness World Record for the ‘Farthest Playing Card Throw’. Rick wasn’t always a magician; he started out playing for the Cleveland State University Baseball Team, pitching a 90mph fastball. During typical locker room activities, the lads started whipping each other with their socks; however, Rick was unarmed. He grabbed a card from a deck in his locker and threw it at his teammate; his throw was so fast and precise, that he managed to cut his teammate’s arm. Not only did Rick stun himself, but he also stunned his teammates.

Fast forward to graduation, where Rick left CSU with a degree in marketing and a newfound card-throwing skill. Having been interested in magic since he was a young boy, Rick combined the two talents and in 2002, threw a playing card 216 feet and 4 inches to claim his Guinness World record. Since then, he has been touring and performing across the USA but you will typically find him in Las Vegas.

Tallest House of Cards

It’s something most of us have attempted; perhaps in your local boozer or on a dull rainy day – building a House of Cards. Perfecting the triangle tower is a typical go-to for regular folk, but Bryan Berg is a ‘go hard or go home’ type of guy. Bryan was first introduced to card stacking by his grandfather around the age of 8. The pair would spend time together, stacking cards as high as they could, which would continue for many years. The saying ‘practise makes perfect’ certainly applies here as Bryan is self-taught through hard work and determination.

Berg holds a total of four Guinness World Records, some of which he has bettered over and over again. Bryan first achieved the ‘Tallest House of Cards’ record in 1992, but since then has surpassed his record nine times. The last attempt in 2007 saw the creation of a structure that was 7.86m tall and compiled of 1,100 decks of playing cards. That’s one tall house.

Most casinos visited in 24 hours

This one must have been exhausting, even thinking about it is leaving us tired! Of course, when achieving this record, there is only one place in the world to go to – Las Vegas. The bright light city contains a whopping 104 casinos in its 83 square mile borders. Both working at Marquette University in Wisconsin, the pair first travelled across the country in 2015 to set the record.

In their first attempt, the two managed to reach a total of 69 casinos, tying the record at the time. In 2017, they challenged themselves once more, where they successfully reached 74 casinos, claiming the record for their own. The rules were simple enough: play a table game in each casino, acquire a signature at each casino and wear a Go-Pro camera. In total, the pair walked 26 miles, rode buses for six hours and managed to reach 74 casinos in 22.5 hours – exhausting!

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