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So you’ve decided to invest in a new bike and indulge in the rider lifestyle? The new bike is only part of the fun. The next step is to put together your biker style! This includes finding cool, comfortable and functional clothes to ride in as well as to pick yourself out a new helmet full of personality!

Since Rihanna launched her Motocross inspired streetwear range for Puma, the style opportunities have really opened up for female riders. This includes jumpsuits designed by local Australian biker gang the Throttle Dolls, as well as rock n roller infused leather pieces from local Australian designers such as One Teaspoon.

The way to break free of the bikie gang cliche is to pick pieces that don’t necessarily scream biker chick! Pick items that can be worn as everyday streetwear but can also live up to the wear and tear the can accompany riding a bike. For example, it is highly likely you are already familiar with the classic style of the leather motorcycle jacket, as worn by Hollywood royalty such as Marlon Brando in the 1953 film The Wild One and Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1984‘s Terminator 2. However, for a more versatile style take a look at One Teaspoon’s take on the classic at The Worn Tan Nomad Studded Leather Moto Jacket has been crafted from dirty tan leather and adorned with crosses and insect hardware for a totally unique yet on-trend look! This is a jacket that will easily translate from the bike seat to the street!

Other eye-catching variations on the moto jacket, such as red and gold versions, can be found at When riding, it is best to wear long pants in a durable fabric. Denim jeans and leather pants also come in moto styles which come in and out of fashion. However, this style may not suit every body shape. So it is best to find a well-fitting pair of pants that you can wear every day, to ensure total comfort while riding. Pants in a plain colour will perfectly offset a jacket that is jam-packed with design features.

Once you have your riding gets up sorted, a helmet that perfectly complements your new style is a must! There is a wide range of helmets available now, with something to suit everyone and every style! For example, if one were to invest in the One Teaspoon jacket mentioned above, a great motorcycle helmet to complement that would be the AVG X3000 Superba Helmet in Black and Gold! There is also the Airoh Riot Flame Red Glitter Helmet for something a little more exciting. Or to go in a totally different direction, try the M2R Rebel Gloss Back Helmet With Peak, at a lower price point, this helmet can be purchased to wear as an alternative to your more expensive ‘investment’ helmet, for short trips made around town rather than your longer exploration bike trips.

The combinations are endless, but the idea is to have a unique go-to outfit that you can throw on anytime so that if you do get the urge to go for a ride, you’re all ready to go! And if you don’t end up riding that day, that’s fine too, you will still look cool!

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