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Who would have thought some of the best Outlaw Country-inspired music would be coming out of the Pacific Northwest?

On Right On Time, their second LP and first since 2015, The Lonesome Billies pick up right where they left off, but with a little more groove this time around. Across a dozen tracks of twangy Telecaster riffs and a baritone that even Waylon Jennings would envy, The Lonesome Billies prove they deserve just as much attention as folks like Sturgill Simpson and Jason Isbell for making it safe to finally enjoy country music again.

Songs like “Sad Old Man” and the so brilliantly, smartly macabre it could have been written by Johnny Cash “If You’re Gonna Hang Me” go on to highlight just how sorely these guys have been missed over the last few years. The general song themes: death, loneliness and simply not giving a shit also bring to mind a lot of the punk acts that clearly had as much influence on the band as the Outlaw Country giants of the ‘70s.

The Lonesome Billies are back and they’ve brought more hooks and a lot more funk for this go ‘round.      

The Lonesome Billies – Right On Time (Vinyl) /12 tracks/Stay Lonesome Records/2019

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