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Lessons on ‘how to be a bartender’, ‘bartending for dummies’ and ‘effective bartending tips’ are the usual content which is browsed by the enthusiastic budding bartenders who aspire to be the best bartender in town. Bartending is such a job filled with lots of glamour, charisma and energy that it requires a lot of hard work which some youngsters miss out on while working towards becoming one. Late-night shifts, low-light and high-volume situations, high-on-spirit customers and pressure from the management… handling all these with a smile and utterly no airs and pretences. Risk is the task and managing the mob at times becomes the job.

Galaxy Training Australia [GTA] is the ultimate destination for all the wannabe bartenders. The RSA [Responsible Service of Alcohol] online training which is a mandatory certification requirement at most of the states of Australia gives a perfect platform for the prospective bar staff/bartenders to make it big in a lawfully precise way with GTA’s genuine and trusted certification program. RSA training is an eye-opener for the ambitious bartenders that act as a perfect rule book, guiding them with the dos and don’ts of the “Perfect Bartending techniques”. Galaxy Training ensures that these soon-to-be bartenders get the right kind of guidance with its unique and ever updated training methodology which is always in sync with the latest amendments made by the Australian government.

GTA now gifts the Top 10 tips knowing which can make anybody a successful bartender:


Showing up early at the workplace and giving your 100% always for the work you do is some of the obvious signs of an efficient employee. But show signs of that going an extra mile like being pro-active, being available for initiatives, open for innovations and instant changes. Trying hard to belong to a certain place is always an added advantage of being an employee who can add value to the business effectively with exclusive efficiency exhibited each time.


Building a healthy relationship with the management, trouble-free team bonding and a courteous and appealing body language with the patrons can make a winning strategy to be the best bartender. Leaving any inhibitions, keeping ego miles away while at work and gearing up those extrovert body languages to merge in with the fun camouflage of best party crowd are some of the tried and tested ways to elevate the career graph.


Repeatedly asking the customers to tell their orders, serving the wrong drinks, leaving things unanswered and a chaotic unattended bar counter makes one look like a shabby amateur than a bartender. Work towards your short term memory and be double sure before getting into the work with even the slightest tinge of ambiguity in your work. Come up with your own tactics to nail that perfection with some secret or acquired hacks. Jotting it down with short forms, abbreviating the cocktail names for easier service, remembering the colour and type of the dress of the particular customer and associating the same with their order… when things have to work, it better work the way it should work.


A bartender job profile not just includes a shiny tuxedo and some shimmery glasses and sparkling liquors to be mixed. Keeping a tab on the stock, making sure that the bar-counter is clean and hygienic, making no room for spillage and ensuring that the customers are treated well as per the rules and regulations of the licensed premises and the government laws are equally vital responsibilities. At times you might have to double time both under drink mixing and cash handling. Do everything with utmost ease with precision by keeping your sense wide open for any kind of accountability.


Sipping water to quench the thirst and to keep you hydrated is acceptable. But drinking alcohol and munching your favourite snack behind the bar-counter, which can be easily noticed by any patron will not just harm your career but also can ruin the reputation of the place you work. At such difficult times, take a quick break to grab a quick bite away from the workstation.


It is very important to thank and greet each customer before and after their order. This creates an instant positive impression to the patrons which may be a reason for them to visit the place again and again.


While the guests are ordering for their drink, try to appreciate their taste and recognise their inclinations in the choices made by them. Try to suggest any specialities only after they permit you to make some suggestions. This positive approach can always build a healthy customer relationship.


Having a keen observation of the pattern of the drinks being ordered by the customers who often visit the place is the best educative material for you to come out with innovations and improvisations in the drink. Life in a bar should never be like ‘The old wine in a new glass’. Retaining the originality and infusing some creativity from you can give birth to some real good “Showstopper” cocktails. Yet, prior practice and experimentation under supervision are always recommended.


RSA of Australia has few sets of rules and regulations which gives an in-depth knowledge of managing the stress of dealing with some troublesome patrons who go overboard with their unpleasant behaviour due to intoxication or other external reasons. Handling such situations must be done in a professional manner by not loosing cool or turning to be a short-tempered bartender who would try to end such scenes with a physical assault. Keeping calm and taking necessary actions with the help of the support staff and management can always be a safer bet.


Any profession needs ample homework only after which an ambitious professional turns out to be victorious. Preparing yourself for worse conditions, training yourself to be a smooth functioning expert and focusing on the work than the benefits you get out of it can never let you down. Make a regular self-evaluation of your working style and create notes and give yourself grades based on your performance. This self-assessment technique helps you in the long run as you would be able to handle any kind of customer and deal with any type of troublesome situations.

Samara Robinson was born and raised in Canberra, Australia. She is a mother who loves cooking and binging over a book with a bowl of popcorn. Her love for language and colours has made her write on varied topics like from food to fashion, gardening to parenting and health to partying. She is a trained dancer and a singer with an acquired taste towards dramatics and tribal art forms. She now works for Australia’s leading RSA and RSG training company Galaxy Training Australia as a Creative Content Developer with her extensive experience in the field of Online Marketing.

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