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Have you ever got your hands on a piece of artwork and felt an irresistible desire to frame it on your favorite wall at home? Are you an aesthete who loves art in portrait form, but aren’t quite sure where to start? 

With an abundance of aesthetic choices available on the market, and even worse the mathematical nuances associated with a handmade portrait, it can actually be a difficult task to determine which option is the best.

Worry no more; in this quick, comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the four must-know tips when you buy handmade portrait:

The Evolution of the Customized Portrait Painting

There are tons of great custom portraits, as well as individual artists, who’re eager to craft that perfect portrait for you. But first, let’s get the basics right.

Portrait painting dates back to the aristocratic times of Europe in the 13th century. The tradition was born out of devotional and then dynastic purposes, and spread out eminently like a forest fire. Soon after, there were even tradespeople getting their images portrayed, and by the end of 15th century, when the famous portrait of Arnolfini Portrait surfaced, portraiture had become its own genre— regarded as the summit of technical flawlessness.

Today, portrait painting is still conceivably an avant-garde genre that is highly sought after and commands unparalleled luxury among the wealthy. Even better, it has continued to emerge as a prolific section of contemporary art that is still commissioned by governments, corporations, groups, clubs, and individuals.

Above all, the top trend that has picked up in the 21st century is the customized Portraits that lay a personal testimony about someone’s essence in complete contrast with the mundane selfie culture! So, when you buy a custom family portrait or one for thyself, you know it will remain a tribute to you for an entire lifetime.

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