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New Delhi is one of the world’s most popular cities, and also one of its most unknown places. Millions of tourists from around the world travel to India’s capital, not knowing exactly what they might find there.

New Delhi is a huge and sprawling metropolis. An ancient city with a historic past which manages to also offer a modern, friendly and very cosmopolitan place.

It is very likely that your first visit to the city will be a major culture shock, but if you know some of Delhi’s quirks in advance, your ability to adapt and enjoy yourself will be much better. Above all, if you want to enjoy its people and especially its women, don’t hesitate to have the most exciting experience by discovering pleasure in Delhi with the most exciting call girls for a different and special night… Anything is possible in this city!

Below, we tell you a list of things you should know before travelling to Delhi and which will be very useful for planning your journey. Take note!

1.- When to visit New Delhi?

It is highly advisable to visit Delhi during the months of February, March, October, or November. Delhi has very hot summers and mild, dry and foggy winters, so it is best to avoid these seasons.

Although rains in Delhi can be unpredictable, it normally rains during July and August. Only during February, March, October and November will the weather be much more pleasant and enjoyable.

2.- What language do they speak?

Worried about how to speak and communicate in Delhi? There is not normally much of a language barrier. Hindi is the most commonly spoken language in Delhi, but most locals speak English very well. However, it would be good if you noted down a few words, such as:

  • Hello => Namaste
  • Who are you? => Aap kaun hai
  • Do you speak English? => Kya apa English  bolte hai
  • Yes => Haa
  • No => Nahi

3.- Are there many people in Delhi?

This is one of the city’s most obvious features. Get used to crowds, because Delhi is one of India’s most densely populated cities. It is a melting pot of cultures due to its large influx of migrants and tourists.

4.- Is there leisure and nightlife in Delhi?

Of course! As the open and cosmopolitan city it is, it offers a great range of options for spending the night and rivals any European capital. From the popular Indian festivals of Holi (February-March) and Diwali (October-November) to numerous elegant nightclubs and independent bars with the best local music.

5.-  Is Delhi an expensive or cheap city?

Compared to the rest of India, with the exception of Mumbai, one could say that it is relatively expensive. A good tip is to stay a few days maximum, and spend some time in smaller cities. Hotels and hostels in Delhi are not cheap, although there are more affordable areas, such as the district of Paharganj.

6.- Is it a safe city?

How safe a place is depends a lot on your knowledge of the area. Delhi is safe, if you take a few basic precautions. The most important one is to book your trip with a professional agency that can offer you guidance, tips and an optimal travel plan so you can enjoy yourself with peace of mind.

New Delhi: history, modernity, culture, tradition and fun make up an incomparable destination you simply have to visit.

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