Posted on: January 17, 2020 Posted by: James McQuiston Comments: 0

Altuz Baby! showcases a backing beat and rap flow that are immediately at 100. A piano line tracing back to 1970s rock is married to a bold and confident flow that refreshes the 1990s NYC scene like no other. The high-water mark of Altuz Baby! hits right before the end, as the rapper effortlessly lays down some of the most complex lyrics we’ve heard.

Bitchin’ has a tremendous backing beat that allows Altuz’s flow to pop. The song is able to call back to the late–1990s with bits of Uncle Kracker and Nappy Roots. Altuz’s vocals call back to performers like Everlast and Puff Daddy here. Bitchin’ pops brightly in an era of mumble rappers, perfectly polished and ready for heavy rotation.

Altuz “Bitchin'” and “Altuz Baby” / Domain /

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