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Love & Tatters look back to the synth-popo of the mid-1980s for inspiration during their new single, Love & Tatters. The alluring vocals, synth sequences, and hard-hitting choruses ensure that this track will have legs for days. The band reaches a higher plateau with a multi-part vocal harmony. Touching upon Walk The Moon and Dave Grohl’s vocal stylings, Broke Royals are able to bring fans in while crafting their own unique approach. Love & Tatters’s synth/drum interaction (most noticeable at the 2:35 mark) provides a nice change-up that amps up the momentum until the band closes up shop.

We’ve covered the Broke Royals a few times previously; take a look at our Saint Luxury,  HigherBad Chemicals, and Christmas Cookie Blues pieces to see our previous impressions.

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