Posted on: January 23, 2020 Posted by: James McQuiston Comments: 0

Love & Fidelity is the first composition on Death Party Playground’s (DPP) new release, Little Joy. The track benefits from major Barenaked Ladies vibes, uniting a front-forward, confident set of lead vocals with splashy drums and assertive guitar riffs. Immense drum fills provide the head, while the guitars (~1:50 mark) bring the fire. This song will be burying itself in your brains for the foreseeable future.

Bright New’s beginning instrumental section calls back to Gone Away-era Offspring as the act adds considerable more emotional intensity to it. When the vocals are added into the mix, the track shifts to a haunting, neo-trad goth approach.

Death Party Playground are exciting, both in terms of how catchy their output is and how well done the instrumentation and vocals come through on these singles.

Death Party Playground – Love & Fidelity / Bright New / 2020 / Soundcloud / Bandcamp /

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