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Trust My Love begins Unbreakable, Dejhare’s new album. The effort builds upon the strong late-nineties efforts from Madonna while incorporating hints of dubstep and world music. Time Is Everything slows things up, ensuring that listeners are able to see an entirely different facet to Dejhare’s music. The dynamic between the vocals and a thick bass line separates this single from the rest of the fare on Unbreakable. Stand by Me is our favorite cut on Unbreakable. Infectious melodies and distinctive vox make this into something that will bring fans out onto the dance floor. The one-two of What Is Love? and Unbreakable that concludes Dejhare’s latest showcases the sheer range of styles and approaches available to the performer.

Dejhare – Unbreakable / 2019 Udimoniki Entertainment / Domain /

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