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It is surprisingly exactly how hard drives have changed over the course of the last twenty years. I remember being a teenager and being absolutely shocked at the fact that hard drives were reaching the multiple gigabyte mark. Imagine my surprise when we received a solid state drive that toppled the scales at the 1 TB mark. The Envoy Pro EX is one of those hard drives, and marries together versatility with ample storage area. As a result, anyone that is looking to have a massive amount of data be ferried around with little more than a pound of weight added to their person should look into the hard drive.

The Envoy Pro EX is a smart buy for those individuals that put a bit of wear and tear on their hard drives. The IP67 rating the SSD is coded at means that it is resilient to both dust and water. The overall design of the hard drive is aesthetically pleasing as well, blending in well for anyone that is working with white, silver, or black builds. For those that are looking to have quick writing and retrieval of their data, the hard drive performs admirably. The USB 3.1 standard means lightning-fast transfers for music, movies, or work project at multiples quicker than USB 2 would provide. There’s a bit of a crossover hook with this SSD as well, as owners of both Macs and PCs will be able to make use of the product.

In this area of resource-intense crypto optimizations, it only makes sense that you will try to procure the quickest sorts of hard drives on the market. Backed up by a 3 year limited warranty from OWC, the Envoy Pro EX solid state drive should be a pick up by anyone that is looking to up their game.

Envoy Pro EX (1 TB SSD) / 980MB/s transfer / USB-C / OWC Digital /

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