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Pouring with a orange-brown to mahogany coloration, Seedstock (Denver)’s Fredersdorker immediately yields hints of grain and wheat in its initial bouquet. The Fredersdorfer style is a call back to the first half of the 19th century; this German style links together sweetness (from molasses) with a bit of a spicy, peppery hop bite. Hitting at a 7.5% ABV, this brew will keep one warm during the last vestiges of winter while constantly refreshing one’s palette. There’s a layered approach that dominates here, so with each subsequent sip one will experience different facets of the Fredersdorfer as it shifts and changes in one’s mouth. The robustness of the materials included here ensure that the Fredersdorfer maintains its distinctive flavor profile throughout a session. This means that it kept its zing even an hour after we initially cracked our crowler.

Pairing Seedstock’s Fredersdorfer with a variety of cuisines – strongly-flavored style like a curry, Tandoori chicken, or larb – would add further complexity to an already fascinating effort. The strength of the wheat and hop elements here match well with lamb and beef as well.

Seedstock’s desire to bring back extinct beer styles should be applauded as it creates an alternative to the toolbox of styles many breweries utilize (e.g. stout, red, pilsner, ipa, brown ale). Just take their current lineup – aside from a pilsner, an amber, and a kolsch, Seedstock has tackled a pair of unique styles in a Broyhan and a Bohemian Barn Beer (a self-professed callback to their great-grandfathers). For a full run down of the beers that Seedstock is currently offering, check out their main domain or stock by their Denver brewery. Can’t argue with specials like a 3 for $24 crowler, that’s for sure.

Rating: 9.0/10

Fredersdorfer (Seedstock Brewery) / 7.5% ABV / Domain / Facebook /

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