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To A First Love is the first track from Thomas Charlie Pedersen’s new album, Daylight Saving Hours. The track needs little more than Thomas’s vocals and a piano to immediately draw listeners in. Calling back to Ben Folds and early Beatles, TCP is able to make something timeless while sounding perfect in the modern era. Fans are taken on a journey with this first salvo as Thomas keeps the narrative content high.

The Meriwether Pull brings in a spirited guitar line into the mix. The dynamic between Pedersen’s voice and guitar incorporates 1990s alternative with a bit of the more psychedelic-tinged 1960s rock.

The World Is Not Your Oyster is one of the album’s highwater marks. DFuring this effort, Pedersen is able to build upon the rich traditions of The Smiths and Elvis Costello. This track is made all the stronger through the guitars, which pull double duty in simultaneously laying out the overall harmony of the composition and adding mightily to the vocal side of things.

Sad To See You Go is the shortest track on Daylight Saving Hours. Cutting out at the :45 mark, this song still feels like a fully-formed thought. A bit of dreaminess concludes the cut, ending it as emphatically as it began.

At The End Of The Day shatters the conception that a performer’s album gradually grows weaker as it continues. The song’s simple rising and falling action works masterfully here. Fans will be sitting on the edges of their seat with this composition as Pedersen’s vocals showcases tremendous emotional gravity.

Daylight Saving Hours ends things beautifully. This instrumental composition slows things down and puts an emphatic point on the approaches and styles that had been broached over the course of the album’s run time. Pedersen has a solid outing with his latest, which is due out February 7th.

Top Tracks: To A First Love , The World Is Not Your Oyster

Rating: 8.5/10

Thomas Charlie Pedersen – Daylight Saving Hours / 2020 Karmanian Records / 14 Tracks /

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