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University and college degrees are an excellent gateway to landing a dream job, but what about making money or reaching your goals while you’re still studying? The best part about becoming a business owner and entrepreneur is that it can be done at almost any time. One such way is to create a business before you graduate, so you can start earning money fast.

Becoming a business owner while you’re in school isn’t easy, but with the right amount of effort, you’ll be able to buck the trend of a 9-5 job by becoming your own boss fast.

Here’s how to start building a business while you’re in school.

Build a website.

Succeeding as a business owner means having a good website. In the Internet age, having a digital platform to showcase your business is a must. The best part about creating a website for your business is that there are lots of website builders, and they have a very low learning curve, so you don’t need to be studying computer science to build your site. School can take up a lot of time, but even a busy school schedule can accommodate a website as they take only a little time to set up.

Make connections.

School is a great place to start making connections for your business. Get involved with school clubs, groups, and meeting people in social settings. The best way to start creating brand awareness (other than a well-curated site) is through word of mouth. Most universities have a dedicated page for students on social media, so use this to your advantage in expanding the audience reach of your potential business. Who knows, you might even find early investors to help you out or collaborate!

Apply for a loan.

Although school is expensive, the benefit is that loans for students can actually be of great use in this case. Building a business while you’re still in school will require a little bit of investment on your end, and the financial advice at shows how loans are effective for more than just tuition. Staying ahead of the game in terms of finance is a good way to set yourself up for success after school is done. Your degree can get you jobs, but putting in some capital with a little help from financial lenders can unlock the potential to ditch the 9-5 lifestyle, and have you leaving school with more money in your pocket than you began with.


Starting a business doesn’t require a massive amount of financial capital, a groundbreaking idea, or a huge workspace. If you have a computer, a simple idea, and some motivation, you can be on your way to prosperity.

The best way to use your knowledge is by becoming an entrepreneur early, so you can have the freedom to choose your own hours and be your own boss. As you can see, starting a business can be as easy as applying for a loan and launching a website.

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