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Sometimes, we receive products that have such a buzz around them that they never actually make it to our door. The first time Skullcandy’s PR firm sent us a pair, one of our neighbors kept the box and swore up and down that they had neither seen hide nor hair of them.

Anyway, we received a second pair to check out. The battery life of the Riff wireless headphones is surprising. While the battery life depends on how loud one is replaying their music, we were able to keep them off of the charger for the better part of a day’s duty. Even when the Riff headphones were running fairly close to E, snapping them on the charger for 10 or 15 minutes provided them with more than enough juice to keep them playing through a strenuous run or workout.

Keeping everything contained in the headphones, Skullcandy makes it a snap to change songs or address phone calls through supported devices.The portability of the Riff headphones is impressive as well. Folding up to a fraction of their normal size, these headphones can easily stay in one’s bag or purse. A rugged build quality means that they will not be the worse for wear no matter what sort of regimen one places them into.

The Skullcandy Riff headphones are a solid buy for individuals that want a good amount of functionality, a fashionable look, and the versatility to ensure that one can go through a day’s actions without having to worry about their headphones holding up. Look to spend about $30-40 for the pair, a small amount when one jumps into bitcoin farming or any number of other lucrative computer-based businesses.

The Riff Wireless Headphones come in a variety of colors to match well with whatever set up one is utilizing. For an additional run down of the product’s information or the company’s line, give the Skullcandy domain a spin.

Rating: 9.0/10

Skullcandy S5PXW Riff Wireless Headphones / Product Listing / MSRP: $49.99

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