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Pictures to paintings make stunning wedding gifts!

Will you be attending a wedding in the near future and don’t know what to get the couple for a gift? If so, then you are not alone! Many people struggle to find wedding gifts that will make strong emotional impacts and be perfect for the newlyweds.

However, here at Paint Your Life, we know exactly what makes a perfect wedding gift for nearly any couple: a beautiful oil painting that is created from a picture from the couple’s life! Just imagine how the couple will well up with tears when they see that you have turned one of their favorite pictures of them into a painting with the help of paint your life.

Turning a photo into a painting from  is one of the single best ways to give a truly meaningful gift on a wedding day.

Choose a photo from the past or from the actual wedding

The nice thing about wedding gifts is that they are not always expected to be delivered at the actual wedding. So, you can use a photo that is from the wedding if you would like. You can even ask the bride and groom (groom and groom, bride and bride) what their favorite picture is of the two of them from that day.

Once you get the answer, you can get a copy of the picture and submit it to the artists at Paint Your Life. Once our highly talented artists have the picture, they will create a stunning oil painting of it. You will essentially be giving the happy couple one of the most beautiful moments of their lives captured in art as a gift.

Be ready to see a lot of tears! Weddings are emotional enough by themselves. But when you add an incredibly emotionally powerful gift to that mix, it tends to create a lot of waterworks. 

Bonus: Get them Matching Custom Photo Phone Cases

Phone cases are perhaps one of the most surprising ideas for wedding gifts, but it’s practical, stylish, and thoughtful. Smartphones are necessary nowadays and there is no doubt that the bride and groom have their own. You can make their day special by getting them specially-designed matching bride and groom phone cases. It is up to you when to surprise them with their gifts but it would be a nice touch for them to use the personalized covers on the day of the wedding. 

What are some affordable wedding gifts?

This is a question that many people ask themselves when they are shopping for a classy wedding gift for a couple. The answer is that there are many affordable wedding gifts that tend to go over well. For example, kitchenware, customized robes, appliances, and other such things can all make excellent wedding gifts.

However, photos turned into beautiful wedding portraits from Paint Your Life are the perfect affordable wedding gift. This is because in terms of emotional significance created per dollar spent, there are few gifts in the world that can have anywhere near as much value.

Paintings from Paint Your Life range in price from roughly $150-$650. So, there is sure to be an option that is perfect for your budget! Unlike many other wedding gifts that will be easily forgotten, when you give a Paint Your Life painting as a wedding gift, the couple will most likely hang it in their house and cherish it forever.

What more could you ask for in an affordable wedding gift?

The Power of Surprise

Another great thing about Paint Your Life paintings as wedding gifts is that the couple will not see it coming. It is such a unique gift, that they will most likely be completely shocked and surprised. In our experience, this shock of the beauty and significance of the painting can be very overwhelming.

Many couples burst into tears the second that they see the painting. Don’t be surprised if the couple you are buying the painting for does as well.

The newlyweds will receive many gifts on their wedding day or in the year that follows afterward. However, If you get them a painting from Paint Your Life, there is a very good chance that your gift will be their most favorite.

Brand new husband and wife embrace on a beach

Expect a Lengthy Thank You Card

If you are someone who likes to receive heartfelt thank you cards after you give a gift, then you will most likely receive a very warm thank you card following the delivery of your gift to the new married couple.

Just as you will most likely put tears in the eyes of the couple when you give your gift, you may find yourself welling up with tears when you read the thank you card from the couple. Expect them to write about how much the gift meant to them and how it was the perfect way to cap off the most important day of their lives.

You will be so impressed with the quality of the art and with the emotional reaction that you get when you give the gift, that you may want to start giving Paint Your Life paintings for many more occasions too!

If you would like to see what it looks like when people receive paintings from Paint Your Life, click below.

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