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If you are anything like Moana, you want to be in the water all day every day. Unfortunately, the demands of life often get in the way. If you could get some time away to enjoy the water and all its mysteries, how would you do it?

Most people would pack up and head for the beach. What about a liveaboard experience? It would give you all the water time you desire. You will get to enjoy your favorite aquatic activities and visit with the fishes.

A liveaboard vacation is about living out your entire vacation at sea. Hopefully, the idea of a floating hotel grabs you just fine. You have a dive crew onboard to take care of all your diving needs. You have a chance to be engulfed in the sea and the wonderful marine life within it.

Here are a few compelling reasons why you should opt for a liveaboard vacation in the world’s best holiday destination.

1.     You Will Spend Less Time Traveling

Traveling on land usually involves long bus or taxi rides to your spot for the day. With a liveaboard vacation, you wake up at one dive site ready to go to the next one. Your liveaboard has an experienced crew on board who know the area inside out.

The crew will:

  • Get you to the most exciting sites
  • Get you to alternative sites if the weather is not conducive
  • Take you to the most hidden spots

2.     No Repeat Packing and Unpacking

Since you will not be hopping from one hotel to the next, you only have to unpack once. You can settle in your cabin and only look forward to packing for home when your vacay is over. You do not have to keep lugging your wet dive gear from one point to the next.

3.     You Will Enjoy Vacationing with Other Passionate Divers

There is nothing as exciting as spending time with like-minded people. You get to talk diving all day every day. Moreover, you will also learn new skills from the more experienced divers in the group.

If you are vacationing alone, you will have a partner to share accommodations with. You will also get to hear of diving experiences in places you have yet to visit. You can even make a list for your next dive vacation.

4.     You Can Enjoy More Dives Every Day

You do not waste any time traveling back and forth. Hence, you will be able to enjoy more dives every day than a diver who commutes to the sites. In fact, you can choose how many dives you want to fit into your day.

In addition, it also works out well for your finances. A liveaboard is more economical than land-based arrangements.

5.     More Living Comforts

Liveaboard divers can simply get back to their quarters in between dives. Those based on land do not have the same comfort. They have to wait in a boat with other divers as they await the next dive. You can go back to your vessel and get a drink or post some photos on your social media.

You can also take a shower and change into dry clothes or watch a movie on your laptop. If your liveaboard provides hot tubs, you can enjoy a warm soak and relax when you are done for the day.

6.     Visit Remote Dive Sites

Liveaboards can get you to tucked-away dive sites that land-based divers may not be able to access. You can get to them early in the morning before the land-based divers arrive. They can also get you to places where the day boats may not be able to access.


If you are looking to have the best scuba diving experience, the liveaboard experience is your best option. Shore-based experiences are also great. However, they will not allow as many advantages as a liveaboard one will.

You will visit more sites, enjoy more dives and live with equally passionate divers. You will be able to enjoy a 24/7 diving experience in and out of the water.

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