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Something More is the initial track on Jenny Dee’s Dancing from a Distance. Haunting guitars establish the single’s backdrop while hints of electronic sequencing provide a delicious organic/computer-generated dichotomy. The resulting effort will stick with listeners long after the song ceases to play, ensuring that listeners will eagerly devour what’s to follow. House That We Built is an airy effort that calls back to the singer-songwriter styled of The Carpenters, taut funk, and 1990s indie. This unique, eclectic blend of styles is the hallmark of Jenny Dee on Dancing from a Distance; it’s really her own deft hand that ensures that each composition resounds loudly with fans. During Dancing from a Distance, the presence of additional vocal track and hints of choral-infused keys catapults the cut into a whole other plateau.

Leave A Light On slows things down, ratcheting up the tenseness of the vocal side of things. Anyone that has ever tried to keep love going after the other has moved on will find solace in this single. There’s a weariness that is exhibited here; anyone that’s had the world on their shoulders about prior decisions will love this work. The backwards-masked vocal elements are weaved in masterfully with the rest of the song’s instrumentation.

In the Morning is perhaps the clearest example of Jenny Dee’s amazing vocal skills. Little more is needed here than a guitar to create a proficient backing as Dee’s voice rises and falls in all the right places. Dancing from a Distance ends with If I Could Carry Us. Adding in the vox of Aaron Marsh here, this coda is engrossing, alluring, and will stoke the fires of anyone that has experienced the rest of the disc.

Top Tracks: Leave A Light On , In the Morning

Rating: 8.2/10

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