Posted on: March 6, 2020 Posted by: James McQuiston Comments: 0

Into The Ground has a deep and dark sound to it that really allows the brooding vocals of Wettworker to shine. This means that there are nods to rap just as there are to darkwave and industrial. A head-nodding groove issues forth from this single; piano lines out of the Black Tape for a Blue Girl playbook imbue the composition with a timeless sound. Human and electronic elements couldn’t be any more distinct on this cut, but the resulting effort will stick around for weeks, if not months, after fans experience Wettworker’s latest. Into The Ground is taut, has considerable allure, and is the next evolutionary step forward for this eclectic performer.

We covered Trill Cosby back in November, I Carry the Fire in December, and Are You Okay in January.

Wettworker – Into the Ground (featuring Arctica) / Domain / Facebook

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