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Are you trying to master the game of online poker? What you shall need is a lot of practice, a keen eye, and loads of confidence to pick up the lingo as well as the requisite expertise.

Here are a few tips for the Pro-players looking to make it big online:

1. Start with Low Stakes

Before plunging forth deep into high-stakes cash games, it is wise first to get acquainted with the nuances of the online version of the game. Amateurs can start with smaller payrolls before winning big. You get to stress at a minimum, not get frazzled about losing a session here and there. It is a long-term plan that pays.

Online casino games are a difficult transition to make for poker players as they tend to have more difficulties, and the competition can easily overwhelm. It is thus better to start small and gradually progress.

2. Study the Game

Do all it takes to learn the ropes of playing poker online. Ease into the game by learning the many unique aspects of online poker, such as the number of hands one sees per hour – at least double the number played at a brick-and-mortar casino. Novices can get confused by the time-bank feature where one runs the risk of having the clock called before even knowing how to act.

In-depth research is required to familiarise oneself with the table layout and lobby, betting features, rake-back offers, etc. It is crucial to study the game to succeed as a professional online poker player. One who stops learning can get left behind. Check out strategy books, join training sites or even hire a coach if need be. Practice for free at various websites without risking your payroll to help build an edge for yourself.

3. Creating the Right Environment

The comforts of home can create distractions such as watching the television or surfing the phone. You’ll end up making easy mistakes like play a weak hand. You need to construct the perfect environment at home that helps you become a world-class poker player.

4. Use two tables

One for your routine and the other transformed into a poker only zone—play at a desk, rather than lounging on the sofa with a laptop. Maintain a professional attitude if you are to leave your job and enter the world of poker. High-resolution monitors will help reduce eye-strain while making multi-tabling less of an arduous process. Do a mental prep or easy meditation to have a mind primed for the best results.

Your bathroom should be nearby – for quick breaks and a refrigerator next to you for snacks without leaving a game. Reinforce a cheerful, stress – free environment for you to be able to make better in-game decisions and play more extended sessions.

5. Be realistic

The final tip is to be realistic before making this your only source of bread and butter. Poker strategies are both an art and science that you need to master to climb the internet ladder. Professional poker players are incredibly realistic. They have figured out exactly how many hands or tournaments they need to play, so it at least matched their previous salary. And so do you.

Only a few poker players can afford to play just two hours a day and then enjoy life at its max. The rest will have to grind about 60 hours a week.

So, give it a trial run. Take some time off, save for a poker payroll that you can dip into before deciding to do this for a living. If you would like to host a game of poker, ManCaveExpert have put together a great guide.

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