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With a number of major changes occurring in the work world over the course of the next few years, one has to ensure that they keep an eye open for positions that would be more than a lateral move. One way to do this is to have a wide global score for your occupational opportunities. Take me, for example. While I have taught American politics for a number of years, I have continued to conduct research in international politics. Rather than merely looking at places in the United States, I turned my sights up north. I had been to Canada a few times in my life (Windsor before my honeymoon, Niagara Falls when I was a child), and the drive time that would be added should I pack up and move up north is negligible from where I currently live. Los Angeles moving companies are a dime a dozen, and with the way the economy has been a bit weak, I’m sure that the whole process would be similar in cost to when I initially moved down this way.

The specific occupation with which I would involve myself does not even have to be in academia. Over the course of the last twenty years, I have ran a publication that has reached millions of visitors. The lesson here is that one is more than the education that they have received.

If you have had luck growing your own Instagram brand, why not try getting involved with a great SEO Company Mississauga? Creating your own content shouldn’t lock you in geographically to a city, county, state, or even country. Heck, you could even parlay your own experience to the realm of public relations and internet promotions.

If you find reality dull and your life without any greater meaning, jump on a plane at your local terminal and see a new city. Perhaps it will be your next new home.

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