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There are many debates about which the best sport in the world is. Many people argue that football is the best support in the world because of many different reasons. Almost everyone knows about football and you must be excited to see why it is the best in the world. Therefore, I am here to give you seven fantastic reasons why football is better than all the other sports.


The passion that everyone who loves football contains for football. No matter what part of the world you are in, the passion for this sport always remains and doesn’t change. Each major stadium is packed on every weekend with fans.

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All American professional sports must require their players to be at a certain age if they want to play. For example, in the NBA, players must come out of high school before entering the draft. But there is no age limit for football. If you want to become a footballer, the age limit can never stop you. Raheem Sterling and Shaw made their debuts at the age of 17. They have impressed their clubs with amazing performances. When the club thinks a player is entirely ready to play football, they allow that player to play with the club and show his talent regardless of his age. 

If you talk about promotion, getting promoted to the top division means everything to a club. Even if a club keeps staying in a top league like La Liga or EPL, the financial games and fan recognition will always help them promote their club. 


The matters of the transfer window come to the forefront of the football involved twice a year. The process of transfer in the world of football is entirely different from the free agent policies in American sports. There would be free agents in football if you talked about the world. But the most lucrative deals in the transfer window come from the money that clubs give their fellow clubs when they are purchasing a player.


Football has a continental competition to determine who is the best club on the continent. The most prestigious race is the UEFA Champions League. Also, there are plenty of other grand Continental championships. In North America, Asia, and Africa, the continental is also called “Champions League”.


The most passionate match in the world of football is the derby match. The Derby matches are held between clubs and from the same city. Every single fan of football club Circus the Derby matches on the calendar when the fixture list is released.


In each country where football is played, is a cup competition—the competition held between Clubs from every level of the sport in that specific country. The domestic Cup competition allows clubs from the lower leagues to not only play clubs from the top flight. But it isn’t on it. Domestic Cup complications save a chance to do the unthinkable.

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