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Run Run Run is a sunny sort of track that works in the mold initially established by They Might Be Giants, Cake and Weezer. There’s a fair bit of college rock that Major Spark incorporates alongside the charismatic vocals. With hooks aplenty, the act is able to make one of the most honestly catchy tracks that we have heard so far this year. The music video is essential watching, as well. Using vintage footage to hammer home the fitness theme of the track is a smart decision and adds further depth to a fantastic song.

Beautiful Noise has Major Spark call on the Talking Heads, Stabbing Westward and Garbage to make a shuffling, electronic-tinged pop track that never lets up. There’s more than a bit of late-1980s new wave to work alongside the nods to Nine Inch Nails and R.E.M.. The production of Beautiful Noise is crisp and ensures that each portion of the track – the vocals, echoing guitars, or shuffling drum work – has a spotlight placed on it just as it works together with the other segments to make for a cohesive track. A bold palette of colors ensures that the track’s music video works perfectly with the single.

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