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“Digital Breathing” has incredibly mesmerizing visuals! How do you feel all of the clips included came together to encompass the sound and feel of the track?

I am very happy with how the video came together. This song is one of the more narrative based releases. I feel the video really encapsulated what I was trying to say, which I guess if I were to put it into words it would be all life should be respected. This song is trying to broaden people’s idea of what life might encompass in the future, and caution our own hubris in the creation of that future.

Can you talk about the beginning of your musical journey? At what point did you know you wanted to pursue music professionally? 

The beginning of my musical journey I was mainly trying to do something enjoyable to take me out of the overthinking I can often do, and instantly playing with sounds connected me to the moment. Something I have struggled with my entire life. As I started to create more I found I really enjoy everything about the song making process. From the music creation itself to the more technical process of recording, mixing, and mastering the completed song. Originally I explored music on my iPad with music creation apps like Launchpad and the like to then move to working in Studio One to now working mostly in Ableton or a dawless setup. Pretty early on I thought is would be amazing to try and do this professionally. My first attempt was done without guidance, and was unsuccessful. I then started working with Chris Curry, who has been indispensable, and we then were lucky enough to be invited to join the Croshal Entertainment Group family where things just got better from there. I now have direction and connections that I never would of had on my own plus a group of people that are helping me reach my true potential. Where I feel supported and believed in. Feeling this way has enabled me to be as productive as I have ever been.

Sp8ce Owl’s musical style is very unique! Why is it important to continue making such a versatile and diverse range of music?

I think my music can vary so greatly because I still have not attained emotional or spiritual balance so how I feel can fluctuate quite dramatically sometimes even moment to moment. Making music gives me the ability to stay as well as go back to these emotional states in a much more controlled and focused way. It makes creation have a meditative aspect that lets me open my mind and tap in to a creative aspect of thinking freed from my often clouded mind.

Was there a specific moment that ignited your interest in creating these instrumental tracks or are these creations something you’ve done for as long as you can remember?

From the beginning of my music making journey instrumental tracks seemed to be the way I could best expressed myself, and as I became more focused on making music the more I focused on creating instrumentals. As I started tying the music to imagery it seemed to start shaping my sound and style to now feeling even more comfortable expressing my self without words.

How do you hope fans will feel when they are listening to “Digital Breathing”, and why?

I hope fans feel like they went on a journey with me. Where even if it’s momentarily they could loss themselves to the moment itself.

What does the future look like for Sp8ce Owl? Are there any upcoming projects and/or dreams for what lie ahead that you can share with fans?

I just finished a new EP called “Echos From The Ether”, and I am really excited about it. I think it is the most experimental music I have made yet. Where I explore sounds and instruments I was mostly unfamiliar with before this EP. As for dreams I have some music and ideas I hope to turn into short animations where the story lines are told mainly by the music.

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