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It is impossible to develop a company without creating a comfortable environment for business projects. Often business activities are connected with trips to different countries of the world, and therefore it is necessary to take into account the time needed to process the required documents. However, it is possible to avoid bureaucratic red tape and facilitate work processes. To do this, it is enough to obtain a second citizenship at the specified cost to buy a passport Malta citizenship. This will allow:

  • to freely cross the borders of the European Union member states;
  • to refuse from paperwork for travel to Schengen countries;
  • increase the value of their assets due to tax benefits.

Applicants for Maltese citizenship face no obstacles in their way. The Malta CBI application requires the fulfillment of a few simple requirements without having to reside in the territory of the state.

Key requirements for foreign investors

Malta’s program involves a fairly quick obtainment of a second passport. To do this, you will need to make an investment and draw up an application. The entire procedure for obtaining citizenship takes only 3 years, but you can use the “accelerated” option and obtain a passport in just 1 year.

The application becomes available after completing several requirements of the investment program:

  • making an investment of 750 thousand euros;
  • issuance of a residence permit with a period of 1 year or more;
  • making a charitable contribution to the funds.

Investments received under the program are aimed at the development of the country, including infrastructure, and improving the quality of life. Cost of Malta passport depends on the period of residence of the investor in the country: 750 thousand allow you to get citizenship after 12 months, and 600 thousand – for 36 months.

Special features of the program for married couples

The possibility of obtaining citizenship is not only for the investor, but also for his family members. Moving entrepreneurs with family is a common solution that allows you to enjoy the benefits of living in a developed country with quality education, Visa-Free countries for Malta passport holders and medical care.

For such cases, there is an increase in the amount of investment, and the total Maltese passport cost depends on the number of dependents. This category includes minor children, students and elderly parents who are unable to support themselves.

In this case, according to the expert agency Immigrant Invest Victor Esik additional payment is 50 thousand dollars for each family member. The investment is added to the total price of the passport. The period of residence in the country remains the same, and citizenship can be obtained within 1-3 years.

What kind of investment allows you to get citizenship

The government of Malta offers several options of investment. Charitable contributions remain unchanged, but the uses of investments may vary. As an alternative, foreign investors are offered:

  1. Acquisition of real estate. Availability of real estate property allows you to start developing your own tourism business. The minimum value of real estate in this case is 750 thousand euros.
  2. Renting real estate. If the option of buying a home does not suit the investor, he can conclude a long-term lease. The minimum term is 12 months. The minimum Malta passport cost of rented property is 18 thousand euros per month.
  3. National Development Fund. The investor is obliged to transfer to the account of the fund from 750 thousand euros. Additional costs include 50 thousand euros for each family member in a dependent status.

Due to the availability of a variety of solutions, the cost of a Maltese passport is from 760 thousand for an investor who is not legally married. The total investment amount increases in case of family ties (spouse, children).

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