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On Everybody Wants to Be Somebody, Greg Hoy ?& The Boys are able to effortlessly link together arena rock with 1990s punk. The two styles work perfectly together. There’s a bit of a verbal sneer that bleeds through the confident guitars and splashy drums. The track is teeming with riffs and a catchy chorus that will be difficult to remove from one’s head. The guitar solo that glues the two parts of Everybody Wants to Be Somebody together is surely a sight to behold (or behear). The single is the perfect way to put the end on 2022.

We previously covered Greg Hoy & The Boys’ Jet Black, Get Back and Demons at Night.

Greg Hoy & The Boys “Everybody Wants to Be Somebody” / 2022 Self Released / 4 Tracks / Domain / Bandcamp / Twitter /

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