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1. Can you describe your songwriting process? Does it differ for every song you write?

My process works this way, pick up a guitar or sit at a piano and try to stumble on a seed of inspiration. From there it’s about doing the emotional digging to fully uncover the story and message of the song and then applying craft to it in a way that avoids cliché.

2. Why was “Make The World Go Away” the right song to release at this time?

In light of all the emotional insecurity people everywhere around the world are feeling, this song is a prayer for relief and at the same time, gives you a feeling of hope and encouragement.

3. The music video beautifully reflects the song’s sentiment! Why was it important to include an incredible dancer as well as a variety of diverse people in the visual?

The dancer plays to the song on many levels. With emotion and movement, a uniqueness, a sense of depth, and gracefulness. And the diversity of people demonstrates that these emotions are felt by all of us.

4. “There ain’t no easy way to put it out… I wish that I could stop, but I don’t know how” are immensely moving lyrics. Can you delve deeper into their meanings?

Well, we all get caught up in the wheel. It’s almost like life is an assault on our senses, and even though we may consciously say, I want to slow down and not be stressed l, it’s a difficult thing to accomplish. I find that faith is a very helpful ingredient in this regard.

5. How is “Make The World Go Away” different from the tracks you’ve previously released?

I think that, even though there’s a sense of retro about this song, it also has a very modern and contemporary feel to it. It’s a bit more shiny than the records I typically make. And in this case, it’s a good thing.

6. Do you draw any connections between this song and your other creations?

I think it converges many of my influences. It’s got a good rhythm, it’s got a pop feel, it has a message, a soulfulness and a spirituality. It’s a song about real things that people will relate to.

7. Do you have any upcoming projects in store or hopes for the future that you can share?

I’m in the process of finishing up my next album which is called Talking Ugly Truth, Telling Pretty Lies.

I’m looking forward to a UK tour this coming April with rock ‘n’ roll, Hall of Famer’s The Zombies!

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