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Job search abroad and employment is one of the most important stages in the life of yesterday’s student. There is an opinion that it is more difficult to find a job abroad than in your own country. Therefore, graduates of Indian universities who want to stay and work abroad have a hard time. Actually this is not true.

Of course, a lot depends on your personal qualities, abilities and level of education (even if it was received abroad), as well as on the economic situation in the country.

However, almost everyone has the opportunity to get a job abroad – you just have to make an effort to find suitable vacancies!

Today, the most popular source of vacancies is, of course, the Internet. The global web has long since left newspaper ads and employment agency services behind. It is here that millions of employers are looking for new employees and leave applications with vacancies. Go on to the Layboard website to know more about working abroad.

How can an Indian find a job abroad?

Working abroad is a chance for professional development and an attempt to earn more money than in your own country. However, you need to prepare for the trip. We will show you where to look for the most important information and job offers when planning your economic migration.

Working abroad – general statistics

According to the Central Statistical Office in the publication “Information on the size and directions of temporary emigration from Ukraine in 2010-2018”, there were more than 2.5 million Ukrainians abroad. At the end of 2018, another report on the extension of the temporary immigration survey period was published, according to the document, the number of people living abroad increased by 25,000 people. The main reason for traveling was the desire to get a job in another country. You can work even without education or knowledge of the language – for example, find a driver job abroad.

Job offers abroad – institutions providing information

For a business trip, you must be well prepared and complete the necessary formalities, which may vary depending on the direction of emigration. You can find useful information on how to find a job abroad on the Employment Service Portal if you want to work in countries within the EU as well as in other countries. Also on the websites of the Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Policy, which are considering leaving the country in search of work.

You can find out, among other things, information about:

  • employment services provided by employment agencies – an employee can learn where to look for information about employment agencies, what services can be provided by this agency, under what conditions an employment agency can send to work abroad, or how to protect themselves from unfair practices in this areas;
  • employment in the EURES network – you can find out what the EURES network is, where to look for job offers abroad and how to find information about the country where you want to work;
  • principles of work in the EU/EFTA countries – even in terms of freedom of employment, the need to obtain a visa, recognition of professional qualifications, etc.

And more often than not, people who know what they expect can easily find offers that meet their requirements.

How to find a job abroad safely?

Before you go to work abroad, you should prepare the relevant documents – you may need not only an ID card, but also a passport, an EKU card, or even translated university diplomas and certificates. For safety while traveling, it is better not to use cash, but to open a foreign currency account or foreign currency card and thus cover current expenses. It is also worth looking for housing in parallel with finding a job in another country. Sometimes it happens that the employer will solve this problem by offering their employees housing at an attractive price.

If a candidate for work abroad is worried about his safety, he can use the help of an employment agency. Experienced specialists will contact the potential employer and provide the job seeker with all the information related to emigration, long before departure. To be completely satisfied, you should choose brokers that have been on the market for a long time and enjoy good reviews. These types of companies support in the application for legal and well-paid positions. You may be interested in employment in Poland.

As our guide shows, going to work abroad can seem stressful, but if the candidate for this position speaks a foreign language well and has the courage to leave their country in search of a better income, this is a very good idea. This is an opportunity to expand existing competencies and gain valuable professional experience. Searching for a job abroad can be organized on your own or with the help of an employment agency – the latter option involves less risk and a better guarantee of stable employment in a foreign country.

Which specialists from India are the most in demand?

At the moment, the most demanded vacancies relate to information technology, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Highly qualified programmers can be invited to work in such countries as the USA, Canada, England, France, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Finland, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, etc. Thus, according to IDC, in 2019, less than 4% of IT specialists from Russia and Europe meet modern requirements, so it will not be difficult for a competent and experienced specialist with up-to-date knowledge to find a job abroad. At the same time, the salary of an information technology specialist can reach up to 4,000 thousand dollars a month.

Foreign companies are also interested in specialists who:

  1. have a rare, narrowly focused specialization. For example, in the direction of genetic engineering, biotechnology, energy;
  2. graduated from leading technological universities.
  3. understand the international market, if it is necessary for a foreign company;
  4. have unique knowledge or experience that can be useful for business development.

Also, in regions with an unfavorable demographic situation, there may be a shortage of some specialists. For example, in Cyprus there was a shortage of programmers and designers, and in Bulgaria – developers. Does not lose demand and the profession of a doctor. Often, doctors go to work first in Poland, and then with the experience gained they go to other countries. For example, in:

  • Finland;
  • Countries of Europe;
  • Canada;
  • USA;
  • Australia;
  • France;
  • Italy;
  • Baltic countries;
  • Denmark and Sweden;
  • Spain;
  • Germany;
  • Czech Republic;
  • Croatia;
  • Slovakia;
  • Netherlands.

To get a job in one of these countries, you need to prove your level of qualification by passing an exam that the employer requires. In Europe, the requirements for doctors are especially stringent. In many countries, you need to take either English or the one that is spoken in the country and confirm knowledge with a certificate.

Engineers are required in Germany, USA, UAE, Croatia, Slovenia, but in order to get a job, you need to be highly qualified, professional knowledge and experience, be well versed in the latest technologies, speak one or more languages, etc. In different countries, you can work in the following specialties: civil engineer, design engineer, mining engineer, designer, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer.

How to prepare for an interview abroad?

It is worth starting your job search abroad by preparing a good CV in English. The resume should contain essential information about education, skills and work experience. If the CV looks professional and the candidate meets the expectations of the future employer, it is quite possible that he will receive an invitation for an interview. In the age of the Internet, such recruitment meetings are often organized online.

How to prepare for an interview abroad? The main thing is to be honest and not embellish the facts. Any inaccuracies will be discovered very quickly and will bring more problems than good. It is worthwhile to interest a potential employer with your motivation for employment in a foreign country, as well as present your strengths. References to current professional duties and expectations regarding moving to another country in order to further improve competencies are welcome.

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