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What was it like adopting a new genre?

It’s actually very different and fun. It feels very normal because it’s a genre of music that I’ve always wanted to do.

Your lyrics in “Love Language”  are very vulnerable, can you speak more to that, and how you had the courage to speak from your heart?

I’ve always wondered how I could get the thoughts of how I felt in a relationship out. Not the usual stuff that I normally sing or write about, the actual nitty gritty of it. Like emotion-wise and when you get into a fight with your partner. It’s like, you want to talk about what’s actually bothering you without getting into an argument, and even if you do, you’d still love and hug your partner to provide that sense of security. So, a little shot of tequila helped me to gets those thoughts and emotions out the way I wanted to, hahaha.

How long have you and Steven Bernard been collaborating?

As long as I can remember! Hahahah. Steven has been working with me since the start of my career in 2020. He’s a genius at what he does and the world deserves to see his greatness!

Since your memories are projected, what does that mean in terms of the relationship?

The projected scenes were just little hints of what actually happened in the relationship I was in. The good times, which were great and the bad times… which obviously weren’t that great, hahah.

How does it feel to break the mold for Jamaican musicians?

I haven’t broken the mold yet! I’m just one of the contributing factors that shows we are not only capable of reggae and dancehall, we are capable of ANYTHING. But when I do it’s going to be so great! And I will not rest until I can confidently say, “hi I’m Andon and I’m one of the most famous pop artists out of Jamaica.”

What was the songwriting process like for “Love Language” ?

It was a roller coaster! At one point I felt like the song hit home a bit too much and wanted to keep this song to myself, hahaha. But my manager is my support system and I’ll forever be grateful for him being a part of this journey and guiding me in the right direction.

What was behind the scenes of “Love Language” like?

Oh Gosh! Haha. The scenes with that beautiful young lady in the first scene was pure magic! We were so comfortable around each other! She’s so professional and FUNNY! At one point we were having too much fun, hahah. The scene where we were arguing was the hardest because we kept on laughing, hahah. But after a few tries we got it together and did it. The other scenes were really fun. I honestly wasn’t ready to stop recording, hahah.

What’s next in terms of new music?

Not sure yet! Because my main focus to get as much attention on :Love Language: as possible! But! I have some great songs sitting and waiting to be released! And I can’t wait for the world to hear them!

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