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It’s been a while since I was excited for a wrestling title. I played a few back in the 2000s and 2010s, but I would be lying if I didn’t say I had butterflies in my stomach when I downloaded the first video game release by All ELite Wrestling, Fight Forever. The roster is chock-full of legends (Chris Jericho, CM Punk), up and coming stars (“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry, Wardlow), and strives for gender equality by building out the women’s roster considerably (Dr. Britt DMD and Abadon are just two of plenty). Customization modes are on full display here. One can build their own wrestle with ample stock options, and play through the game’s multiple modes in order to gain credits for further moves, attire, and body shapes.

Fight Forever straddles the line between realism and arcade-like feel. There’s a good amount of signature moves one will be able to initiate from their wrestlers, including Adam Page’s buckshot lariat. A number of arenas further vary the feel, as well as tie the simultations that players into with the greater AEW mythology that has been laid out by Tony Khan et al. Surprisingly, we had a bit of fun with Fight Forever’s mini-games, which tested players’ mettle with regards to their knowledge of AEW history as well as ratcheted up the drama with collecting casino chips (AEW viewers will appreciate the latter nod).

Wrestling modes ensure that there’s a considerable array of different matches that they can have. Along with traditional singles and tag team wrestling matches, Fight Forever includes the casino battle royale, ladder matches, and an electrified barbed wire match. There will be a small learning curve present for players as they gain their sea legs, but the loading screens pop up immediately before one has to commit to the move.

All in all, we’re pleased to report we finally can put away our copies of the Playstation 2 TNA game as well as SVR 2008 and really put in some time on AEW’s Fight Forever. The unlockables (including Cody Rhodes as well as some visually-stunning Young Bucks apparel) will have us completing the daily and weekly quests for months to come.

Rating: 9.5/10

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