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I’ve heard a lot of Rob Alexander’s work over the years since his debut and his new single “Get Over Yourself” from the new album Young Man’s Eyes rates as his best yet. This is a singer and songwriter who never plays around the edges. He fully immerses himself in each performance and isn’t afraid to engage with substantive topics. He isn’t a songwriter or vocalist content with the standard tropes alone. “Get Over Yourself” serves notice of that fact and never fails to entertain even the most cynical of listeners.

The production of this track is stellar. The new single surges with an immediacy that grabs listeners by the throat and doesn’t let go. Alexander and his vocal partner Gigi Worth get the spotlight, naturally, but there’s an overall excellent balance between each element that adds up to a fulfilling listening experience. Alexander leads the way during the first part of the song and sets a high bar for Worth to approximate, but she answers with an equally memorable vocal performance that completes the song.

They are both fully in the moment. Alexander’s lyrics about setting your ego aside isn’t a scathing denunciation of valuing yourself but, instead, push us to place it in a proper context. It’s a lyric written with intelligence and economy; listeners will be hard-pressed to identify a single extraneous word in the writing. Moreover, the lyrics possess a percussive quality that enhances the arrangement. In the hands of these two masterful singers, “Get Over Yourself” is nothing less than a challenge to anyone listening and every syllable harbors invigorating force.

I’m impressed, as well, by how well Alexander condenses the song. It doesn’t go even a second too long and each passage sounds tailored for maximum effect. He brings a laser focus to his material and the musicians joining him for the performance share the same intensity. The instrumental components of “Get Over Yourself” are free from any fat or overwrought histrionics. Instead, they function as part of a larger whole and even spotlight moments such as the song’s lead guitar serve the song rather than functioning as virtuoso set pieces.

Gigi Worth’s singing is the latest triumph in a long career that’s seen her working with artistic heavyweights. Her time with performers such as Michael McDonald, pop songwriting master David Foster, and David Crosby, along with scores of others, testifies to her immense talents. She draws from a deep reservoir of passion and experience with this performance and the juxtaposition of her voice with Alexander’s makes for a compelling contrast.

The blending of musical and sonic ingredients making up “Get Over Yourself” makes for a potent mix. Rob Alexander has continually challenged himself to get better with each new release and those efforts are still paying off more than half a decade into his musical career. It’s a wonderful first single from his new album and one can only hope he gets the opportunity to perform it live because it’s a certain audience pleaser. 

Kim Muncie

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