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Kick 5000 released his new album Frequencies in September; the lead single “sink” will immediately tattoo booming bass deep into listeners’ brains. A sublimely confident flow follows forth. sink’s dynamic sound is crafted through Kick 5000’s desire to continually tweak and test different segments of the track. This effort concludes at the 2:30 mark, making a big splash from its onset while hurtling headlong into the final moments of the composition.

The single’s production provides ample highlighting on Kick 5000’s lyrics while giving the backing beat more than enough opportunities to shine. We’ll be kicking sink on heavy rotation at NeuFutur hq through the end of the year. Experience Kick 5000’s latest below and leave us a comment.

We previously covered Kick 5000’s the Ice Mix of Birthday and “For 6” a few years back.

Kick 5000 – sink / 2023 Goonsville Entertainment / 2:35 / Soundcloud / Youtube / Instagram /

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