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Reeling is MattO’s first track of 2024, and the song builds upon some of the trends that he presented fans in 2023 as well as draw upon different musical traditions during the single’s run time. The performer’s Americana approach hints to Neil Young and John Melloncamp, all while the guitar work seems a bit Bakersfield and a dollop of Lynyrd Skynyrd. The timeless sound of Reeling will stick with listeners long after the song has ceased. A careful ear will continue to hear different twists and turns in subsequent listens, while the song’s tempo uptick in Reeling’s second half adds a further level of depth to the composition. We’ll keep coming back to MattO’s new music through 2024.

We’ve previously covered MattO’s Let It Out, The Angels Went Back To Heaven, and interviewing the performer in June 2023.

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