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On Lonely Together, Morgan Hudson and Lonnie Britton are able to reinvigorate traditional country music in a way that new generations will be able to appreciate. The song’s instrumental opening will draw in listeners, while Morgan’s vox start out in a crisp and clean fashion. The tautness of the guitars, keys, and drums are on display here, providing ample highlighting for each line that Morgan belts out. When Lonnie enters into the equation, the song is able to shift and change. There’s a bit of country, a bit of blues, and a whole heck of a lot of charisma that is brought to Lonely Together by Lonnie. The pair is able to create an endearing track in Lonely Together that works perfectly. Give the single a play and let us know what you think about this duet.

Morgan Hudson feat. Lonnie Britton “Lonely Together” / 2024 Self Released / 5:01 / Youtube / Facebook

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