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Strange Company’s “Lois Lane” has timeless pop-rock qualities that make it an instant winner with me. The Memphis/Nashville outfit’s debut album, Eyes Wide Open, promises to be one of 2024’s best efforts in this vein based on the promise of this number alone. Vocalist Chris Burris and lead guitarist Aaron “Crash” Robinette lead the way for this outstanding young band, but it isn’t a glorified vehicle for their talents alone. Make no mistake – Strange Company plays as a cohesive and full-fledged band, and this single seemingly scratches the surface of their fantastic talents.

However, it’s an embarrassment of riches. It has an effervescent stride despite its mid-tempo pace, and each band member’s individual performance has an inspired flavor. Producer Jeff Shannon’s stewardship of the track results in a vibrant recording that should check off every conceivable box rather than leaving listeners wanting more. Shannon has a long and sterling track record of making a wide variety of acts stand out even more under his skilled hand. His even-handed approach to capturing Strange Company’s strengths is a boon for an already superb song. 

Burris is a top-shelf singer. He has a deceptively wide range and a surprisingly soulful edge that deepens the material. The backing vocals buttress his efforts without ever obscuring his gifts. He’s more than capable of carrying the song single-handedly. His presence throughout the song is immediate without overpowering the instrumentation, and Shannon’s ability to orchestrate the disparate strands into a cohesive whole shines in Burris’ presentation. 

Lois Lane by Strange Company – DistroKid

Bassist Andrew Allen helps anchor a dynamite rhythm section attack. Straightforward drumming paired with his sternum-rattling basslines supplies suitable underpinning for Robinette’s six-string pyrotechnics. The latter unleashes a potent guitar solo after the midway point that dispenses with ham-fisted theatrics in favor of strengthening the song’s melodic muscle. It punctuates the underlying passion present in the lyrics. 

Writing is one of the high points of this track. Strange Company deserves ample praise for their ability to draw a convincing character, the woman that’s the song’s subject, without ever belaboring useless details. The lyrics have a conversational slant and accessible imagery that virtually every listener will recognize. Strange Company is shooting for across-the-board appeal with this song rather than catering to a niche audience. This approach will garner a bevy of new fans at every turn, and there’s no reason to assume that other Eyes Wide Open tracks won’t have the same appeal. 

The band is off to an outstanding start. Every attribute of this song suggests that “Lois Lane” poises them to capitalize on its success. Their work isn’t guilty pleasure music, you won’t feel bashful about proclaiming your love for this song, and the balance they achieve between mainstream strengths and still being true to themselves is laudable in times like this. They are forging their own path, and laurels will arrive on their terms. “Lois Lane” is the first step towards greater triumphs to come for Strange Company, and it will stay a significant part of the band’s story over the coming years. 

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