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Jambinai – “A Hermitage” Album Review

This Seoul, Korea trio is less a band in the usual sense than they are creators of moods, other-worldly sounds and heavy metal tapestries. Giving off a unique mixture of hard rock fused with unexpected Korean musical traditions, they make atypical twists and turns with regard to volume, tempo, atmosphere and instruments used. Songs rolling along with a biting, American industrial vibe one minute may turn into monastic soundscapes focusing…

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Aloha – Little Windows Cut Right Through

“Signal Drift,” the first song on Aloha’s new record (out 6 May 2016) is arguably the most futuristic-sounding song, this side of the year 2050. The sonically quirky instrumentation create an automated piece of efficient pop perfection one would expect to hear over loudspeakers in a Jetson’s-era shopping mall. If sounds had hues, this would be bright technicolor. While the record is a huge overall nod to prog rock, there…

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Hospital Ships – The Past Is Not A Flood

Jordan Geiger (AKA Hospital Ships) has created a seemingly minimalist. meditative output with The Past Is Not A Flood. Minimalist, that is, until the we the listeners realize just how much is actually going on beneath the main piano or synths that are the foundations for this six-song record. Moving along at a pace best described as “drifting,” the songs bring us washes of guitars, drums, percussion and other sounds…

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Living Hour – Seagull

The first single from Living Hour’s upcoming record (out February 19 on Lefse Records) can stack up against any band who performed this style of dreampop/shoegaze when those  genres were in their heyday. The uplifting, majestic vocals reach past heaven with a shimmering reverb taking the listener to a world of psychedelic bliss that is only present for a short time during our teen years. The two halves of the…

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Cian Nugent – Night Fiction

On Night Fiction, Cian Nugent creates the exact kind of long-flowing, pastoral melodies one would think of when picturing the green Irish countryside. Be they fast and rolling or slowly minimalist, the achingly beautiful sounds display a bucolic quality that lets the listener absorb every detail of the deep audio reflections.

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TW Walsh – Fruitless Research CD Review

For years, TW Walsh was a member of Pedro The Lion alongside his collaborator, David Bazan. With Songs of Pain and Leisure (2011) and now this, his latest upcoming record, Walsh proves to be a singer/songwriter of equally talented proportions who for reasons unknown, seemed to take a back seat to Bazan.

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Daddy – You Are Mine

Trance-inducing quasi disco beats; cold, monochromatic vocals and “drippy” synthesized bleeps and dots characterize “You Are Mine,” the first single from Daddy’s upcoming record “Let Me Get What I Want.” The spring 2016 release is a part of a multi-media project consisting of a record, poems, individual music videos and an hour-long film with no beginning or end.

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Apollo LTD – What Are You Waiting For

Apollo LTD’s obvious understanding of what makes a good “pop” song is highlighted in “What Are You Waiting For.” All elements are present from bouncy dance beats to hook-laden vocals (which include falsettos) that will make this song fit in at parties as well as on mainstream radio.

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Vandaveer – But Enough On That For Now

Washington, DC-based Vandaveer take predictable Indie folk/roots rock and give it a majestic sheen. “But Enough On That For Now,” the first single off their upcoming release The Wild Mercury waxes philosophical on the mortality of humans to the sound of Coldplay-meets-Emmylou Harris vocals.

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Kitty, Daisy & Lewis – The Third CD Review

Who says there’s nothing new under the sun? I do. In an era where truly original idea are all but completely exhausted, the best we can hope for is an act that is doing things in a less common, if not a groundbreaking way. Kitty, Daisy and Lewis’ musical approach on “The Third” is one road that has seen considerably less traffic than most.