Posted on: January 24, 2016 Posted by: David Rangel Comments: 0

The first single from Living Hour’s upcoming record (out February 19 on Lefse Records) can stack up against any band who performed this style of dreampop/shoegaze when those  genres were in their heyday. The uplifting, majestic vocals reach past heaven with a shimmering reverb taking the listener to a world of psychedelic bliss that is only present for a short time during our teen years. The two halves of the chorus are as good as you will find in a pop song going from great to beyond great. The word “gorgeous” would be a huge understatement.Living Hour - Seagull

Instrumentally, this song is awash in the perfect mix of rising and falling guitars and keys flowing as perfectly as a rarely navigated river that civilization has yet to invade. Of particular note is the bright guitar solo which appears at the end of the song in the form of a strong outro, leaving us wanting to do it all over again. To stand out in this genre is difficult at best. I wonder if even the band themselves will be able to top this.





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