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Trance-inducing quasi disco beats; cold, monochromatic vocals and “drippy” synthesized bleeps and dots characterize “You Are Mine,” the first single from Daddy’s upcoming record “Let Me Get What I Want.” The spring 2016 release is a part of a multi-media project consisting of a record, poems, individual music videos and an hour-long film with no beginning or end.Daddy - You Are Mine

“You Are Mine” gives off a vibe which is highly reminiscent of material put out by a short-lived ’80s band called Tones On Tail. The single with its airy, distant dance floor groove stems from poems inspired by music from The Smiths, an iconic band from that time period. Actor James Franco and multi-instrumentalist Tim O’Keefe have taken  individual poems (authored by Franco) and transformed them into multiple media pieces which are part of a larger artistic exhibition. Songs with dark themes (love, loss, angst etc.) which often accompany the high school experience originated from people whom Franco knew during his own time in high school. Be prepared for introspective, mopey pleasures.



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