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SideFolders; or How To Do Things On The Sly (Mac)

Ever since the Apple made the Mac AppStore, I have made it a habit to go trolling through the different lists to find Apps that would make my Mac-loving-readers lives a little easier. On one such adventure, trudging through the endless deluge of crapware, I discovered a few gems. Among the list was the App; SideFolders. Said App is a wonderful way to gain access to commonly used folders and…

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iStudiez Pro (Mac)

With all the things that the new Mac AppStore has to offer, one of the things I was really wishing for most was a new Mac version of the popular iStudiez Pro App that I have for both my iPhone and my iPad. iStudiez Pro is an App for keeping your homework, assignments, grades, and classes all straight, and with ease, I might add. Both of the iOS versions of…

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Pixelmator Review (Mac)

Making my rounds in the Mac AppStore, I decided I should check out the newest release of Pixelmator. For those of you who have never heard of Pixelmator, it’s a Photoshop alternative made just for the Mac. I’ve done my best to play with it over the past two weeks, and found it to be quite useful. Adobe Photoshop may rule as king now, but watch out for Pixelmator to…

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Neuroshima Hex (iPad)

It wasn’t all that long ago that I was nudged by my significant other to get a code for this board game Neuroshima Hex. I had never heard of it, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I got the game, loaded it up on my iPad, and set down to learn the rules. Side note: this game is a universal binary, so you can load it up on your…

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Metal Slug Touch Review (iOS)

SNK playmore has recently decided to release a port of their 1996 game, Metal Slug, for the iOS platform. After doing some research, I’m not entirely sure it’s the same game as the one released for the old Neo-Geo console, or the SNK Arcade platform. Either way, the game seen here is something very similar anyway. The game is presented in the classic 16 bit style with no graphic improvements.…

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Trine Review (Mac)

Remember how great it was the first time you beat Super Mario bros.? Remember how fun and simple it was? Are you like me and wish for the world of side scrolling adventures and action platformers to have a new lease on life? If you are, then rejoice! FrozenByte has heard your prayers and brought to you, the faithful, Trine. Trine is an action platformer that reclaims the glory days…

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Witch Review (App)

A couple weeks ago, I sent out some emails to several mac developers to get some codes to review Apps from the Mac AppStore. The developer group, Many Tricks, was one of the first to answer my call. They had developed a very useful App, one that I think should be like iLife and come preinstalled on every Mac. This utility App, called Witch, makes working with many windows and…

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Daisy Disk Review (Mac)

With the recent advent of the AppStore now available for the Mac, there have been a flood of really useful Apps that once were hidden by obscurity that are now getting some well deserved time in the spot light. One such App is DaisyDisk. DaisyDisk is a utility that does one thing, and does it very well. The App searches your hard drive, or even your jump drives, and then…

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Empire Online: or how not to build an empire (iOS)

As a fan of the iOS platform and after seeing some of the wonders that it can produce, games such as infinity blade, or Aralon, or even how well it can produce retro games like Sonic or the Zelda clone Across Age; I find myself disappointed today. I am disappointed in a game, that would surely seem like a smash hit, that has sadly fallen short of my humble expectations.…

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Scene It? Romance App (iPad)

Scene It has put out, just in time for the big V-Day, the Romance version of Scene It for the iPad. We’ve covered scene it here before on the short list, though thankfully there is lots less blood this time. Last time we covered a scene it game here, it was halloween and we were looking at horror flicks. This time, it’s all about the love baby.