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A couple weeks ago, I sent out some emails to several mac developers to get some codes to review Apps from the Mac AppStore. The developer group, Many Tricks, was one of the first to answer my call. They had developed a very useful App, one that I think should be like iLife and come preinstalled on every Mac. This utility App, called Witch, makes working with many windows and applications at once a breeze. Recently I reviewed an App called Divvy. While Divvy, well, divvy’s up your screen real-estate for your windows and Apps, Witch will help you out when there are simply too many things going on for an App like Divvy to be of much help.

Witch is a window swapping utility that allows you, the user, to with a few keystrokes switch between windows and also, when available, show preview of windows. This App is sleek, and sexy, works fast, and has tons of customization options. Not only can you just swap windows manually, but you can also set Shortcuts to make the windows cycle, minimize, de-minimize, close, or even zoom. With a wide array of options made available to you, this App is sure to come in handy for lots of of your daily work, or play, needs. While the App has a very complete and detailed settings panel, the actual use of the App is very simple and innocuous. A sexy looking over lay appears in the middle of your screen that simply lists everything running and you can either mouse over the different items shown, or use the keyboard presets that you have set in order to cycle through. Once you’ve chosen a window to go to, just simply click, or stop holding down the keys, and you will be taken to the App, or window of your choice.

So, one argument against this App is this; why pay for an App that does some of what exposé will do? If I were a part of the Many Tricks team, I would say that the reason you should pay the $14 for this App is simply for convenience. Especially if you are coming to a Mac from a Windows box, and you got used to using keyboard shortcuts to switch Windows. Also, it’s good for those of us who like Apps such as QuickSilver to make our work flow more smooth. No, awkward groping for a mouse; if you’re hands are on the keys, why not use them to do mighty things? If you’re not convinced that Witch could be of use to you, go ahead and download the free demo of Witch from Many Tricks website:

Overall, I like this App and what it has done for my work flow in the past two weeks. I am a college student and tend to spend a lot of time working on my Mac doing things. I have now kicked the tires, as it were, on this work machine, and found it to be very useful, and helpful. There are a few points to grumble about, such as the fact that on first run I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of the icon from my dock and just Background it. Turns out all I had to do was close the settings panel (the App), and I was presented with this option. All that aside I give this App an 8 out 10 points for this round of the Short List.

App receives an 8 out of 10 possible points.

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