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Xlrator Screens Duff McKagan’s “It’s So Easy and Other Lies”

XLrator Media will release Guns N’ Roses founding member and bass player Duff McKagan’s autobiographical music documentary IT’S SO EASY AND OTHER LIES: LIVE AT THE MOORE, based on his New York Times best-selling memoir, in 50 cities beginning May 26, prior to its LA theatrical release on June 3. Fans can go to for theater information and to purchase tickets.

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Peppa Pig: The Golden Boots DVD Review

There is a new Peppa Pig release, The Golden Boots, out on the market and it stands apart from other children’s releases in that it contains about double the amount of episodes that one would typically receive on a kids-themed DVD. The release has the ability for individuals to go and play the entirety of the DVD while an episode list (aside from the feature, this DVD includes episodes including…

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Togetherness: The Complete First Season (DVD)

The Duplass Brothers have turned in some of the most impressive dark indie comedies of the past decade (The Skelton Twins, Safety Not Guaranteed), but it wasn’t a given that their thoughtful, subtle humor would translate to TV. Turns out it does. With Togetherness, the writer/director/producer/actor sibling team has turned in a remarkably fresh half-hour comedy for Generation X and beyond.

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From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series – The Complete Season Two (DVD)

Robert Rodriguez has made a career out of gory, DIY movie fun, taking B-Grade camera tricks and actors and creating hard-to-look-away stories. He’s managed to do the same thing on TV with the adaption of his From Dusk Till Dawn movie. In the second season, the morally-questionable bank robbing brothers Seth and Richie have split up, but are each still dealing with vampires south of the border.

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Sesame Street: Elmo’s Wonders DVD Review

Sesame Street: Elmo’s Wonders, released earlier this month, is a collection of a variety of activities that will get your toddler or young child up and active with one of their favorite child’s creations, Elmo. The DVD has a number of different activities that will keep things fresh for those frazzled parents that have to watch the DVD on repeat for months. This means that there is Elmo Says, Red…

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The Jam – About the Young Idea (Eagle Vision)

There are some groups that despite universal appeal still seem very much like they belong solely to England and the rest of the world is just borrowing them for a while. The Rolling Stones felt like they belonged to everyone; same with the Beatles. The Who, though they sold well across the globe, seemed very much like a UK-centric band. The same goes for groups like Blur, Suede and The…

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True Detective: Season 2 (DVD)

While it’s true that the second season of the Nic Pizzolatto-helmed crime noir True Detective never came close to living up to the expectations of the first season, it’s a tad unfair to compare the two.  The first season was groundbreaking TV and a pop culture moment (the pairing of Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson was simply inspired), but the follow up was a pretty decent effort as well.

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Ray Donovan: Season 3 DVD

Three seasons in, this Liv Schreiber led Showtime drama continues to ratchet up the darkness and in doing so is hitting its stride. Schreiber, playing the title character, is still the go-to- fix it man in Hollywood everything from breaking legs to getting rid of bodies, but with his mentor and boss dying, he finds himself conflicted forced to work with a rich football agent (played brilliantly by Katie Holmes)…

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Super Why: Cinderella and other fairytale adventures DVD Review

PBS Kids have given parents a tremendous amount of value with their latest Super Why release, “Cinderella and other fairy tale adventures” . This DVD collection includes four tales, Cinderella: The Prince’s Side of the Story”, “Snow White”, “The Prince and the Pauper” and “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”.