The Watson Twins will unveil their sophomore release Talking To You, Talking To Me on Vanguard Records February 9, 2010, their most ambitious album to date. The new album finds The Watson Twins taking a soulful turn a la Carole King, but with a pop edge reminiscent of Feist. The result is a heartfelt nod to their roots, retaining the ethereal harmonies that have become their signature while incorporating a variety of influences and inspirations.

In June of 2009 Chandra and Leigh, along with producers J. Soda and Russell Pollard, went to a remote cabin in the High Sierras near Yosemite to demo songs for the new album. What they captured there would be the backbone of Talking To You, Talking To Me. The songs were brought back to Los Angeles where a band of friends (including members of Everest and My Morning Jacket) came together to help record the album at Fairfax Recordings. Talking To You, Talking To Me captures the essence of The Watson Twins’ extraordinary music… driving, poignant and beautiful.

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“The Watson Twins are a strong songwriting team, and one that has earned its time in the spotlight.” -BILLBOARD

“…deep knowledge of the canyons of the heart.” – BLENDER

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