Maayan Nidam ‘Night Long’ is her debut album on PowerShovelAudio

The making of this record inadvertently began in Cuba in January 2008. Powershovelaudio was recording in La Havana some of the best contemporary Cuban singers and musicians. The resulting recordings were of an inspiring beauty.
The situation was that Powershovelaudio had this outstanding collection of voices, woods and brass, all infused by the tropical warmth. It was first-class material that should be put in the best hands possible, then Maayan came to mind.
“Night Long” is a synthetic work. Maayan has inexplicably, quickly and with incredible precision captured the essence and the expressivity of the Cuban musicians and taken it to a hitherto unknown place. Maayan is of course well-known for her diligent talent in inserting voices of quality in her mixes, but in this occasion the result is more than surprising. Instead of concentrating in her signature minimal beats, Maayan has experimented with different cadences, depths and moods, leaving behind her swirl a disconcerting record of inspired beauty.
This art in this record is graced with photography by one of the best and most influential photographers in the world: Moriyama Daido. Maayan asked Moriyama san for permission to use the cover image, a request which Moriyama san, after listening to the record, gladly accepted.
Powershovelaudio is a record label created by Superheadz. The only common denominator in their releases is the intimate connection between the music and the photography used in the jacket. Sometimes the music is made for a photographer, other times it is the other way around. The musicians that have worked with Powershovelaudio include Nico Muhly, Dennis Bovell, Omara Portuondo, Dirty Three, Jan Jelinek, Asuna, Killer Bong, David Grubbs, Paavoharju, Greg Davis, Directorsound and DJ Olive, among others.
– – – – TRACKLISTING – – – –
1. Dime si eres tu
2. Soltando Chispa
3. Que te has creido
4. La noche de ayer
5. Milagro
6. Oye mi ritmo
7. Tengo
8. Asi son Las cosas
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