People – The Cliché (CD)

People come forth as an intense type of band that can take on Journey, Weezer, and The Cars all the space of a few seconds. The band’s unique style comes out perfectly during “Song For The People”, a track that shows the beauty of the eighties, captured alongside the angular sound of more current rock genres. The slightly raspy vocals that are present during this track work off the smooth instrumentation, while the eclectic style of the band means that anyone that is a fan of good music will find an ode to one of their favorite bands. “The Kids” is more of the same, with capable musicians making music that speaks to all era of rock music.

Each of the tracks on “The Cliché” could make it onto rock rotation, but “The Kids” is key among these tracks. The band improves upon the rock style of bands like Papa Roach and throws in just enough in the way of punk influence to keep the tempo high. “Young Love” keeps things interesting, as the track benefits from a chunky bass line that will tattoo itself on the minds of anyone listening in. The guitars kick in soon after, making for a track that is truly unique. The allure of People should be this uniqueness; the band is able to make this new sound without going too far out of anyone’s comfort zone. This means that listeners that have only had the chance to listen to MTV rock in the past will be able to love People as well as those that find themselves jaded regarding current music.

The Hives are a major component of “Young Love”, but the band is able to insert more than their fair share of personality; what results here is something that will be hard enough to build upon, but I have no fear in my heart that People will continue to build upon the different styles and approaches taken during “The Cliché”. If you want your rock to be revolutionary, buy a copy of “The Cliché” from the band themselves, and see them whenever they come to your town.

Top Tracks: Song For The People, Young Love

Rating: 8.5/10

People – The Cliché / 2009 Self /

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