Every Time I Die – Gutter Phenomenon (CD)

Every Time I Die
Gutter Phenomenon
Ferret Records

Killing the music…in the best way possible!

I have two questions for each and everyone of you reading this. Question 1: Are you pissed at the world at this present moment? Question 2: Do you like to dance? If you answered yes to either one of these questions you are a perfect candidate to go out and purchase the new cd from Every Time I Die entitled Gutter Phenomenon off of Ferret records. Every Time I Die continues their onslaught of the music world with 11 tracks of intensity and destruction that are more blistering and mind destroying then their past releases.

Singer Keith Buckley lays out some of the most thought provoking lyrics with ferocious intensity for example in the opening track the chorus pours out this gem “We’ve applied mascara to the radio, but that’s just a quick fix, and we need a little more…” His screams also have the power to wake the dead, as he shows so eloquently throughout this album. Gutter Phenomenon explores an infinite number of genres of music. Songs like “The New Black,” combine elements of Rage Against the Machine like guitars, with screeching vocals in the sound of Rain from Our Lady Peace, mixed with Gerard from My Chemical Romance.

The next song “Champing at the Bit,” is a furious metal song that goes to all ends of the world to provide its sound. Guitarists Jordan Buckley and Andrew Williams create a web of goodness with their guitars that flows around every lyric, and pounding drum beat that Mike Novak lays out. The chorus offers a simple, but compelling lyric stating “this is the year of the party crashers.” This fits the rest of the disc perfectly, because this album raises the stakes of metal/progressive/rock to new heights, and will leave many bands weeping in their dust after this party comes through the music scene

On top of the tasty musical content running throughout the cd, the booklet of the disc offers some pretty eclectic art, that perfectly coincides with the band schizophrenic sound. Buy this album for a challenging listen, or buy it and enter into a padded cell and let it rip into you. Either way it’s an amazing listening experience.

Top Tracks: Apocalypse Now and Then, Champing at the Bit, Guitarred and Feathered

Rating: 6.9/10

You’ll like em’ if you like: Every Time I Die. [Jeremy L.]

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