It Dies Today – Sirens (CD)

Okay, so I went into It Dies Today’s “Sirens” pretty negatively. The first verse of the first song had me making my “Eww, all yelling metal crap.” But, you guys won me back over. The growls and yelling were used tastefully, backed by vocals I actually quite enjoy. And the yelling is pretty unique; I can still make out all the lyrics. “A Port in Any Storm” actually had some pretty memorable lyrics. I am loving the lines, “Drowning myself in seas of compromise. Fair ladies and harlots submerge with this sinking ship.” “The Bacchanal Affair” offers some quick time changes used effortlessly that I can appreciate. The chorus is awesome, the harmony is pretty quiet but still good.

I like the abrupt opening of “Sixth of June”. This may just be my favorite song on the album. The strained vocals add new depth to the verses, the track is a nice calm break from the heavier sides of the album. I enjoyed the guitar solo; it was calm but showcased a solid amount of talent, especially the rhythm playing a step apart. Props for the use of double kicks in “Reignite the Fires.” It wasn’t obnoxious, just enough to be enjoyed. AWESOME drum opening in “Black Bile, White Lies.” The strength in drums kept me listening even if it wasn’t my favorite track on the album. The title track always has quite a bit to live up to, it is the song that the band has chosen as its impression. I think “Sirens” would have made a better opening song, it is a slower introduction, and goes into a double time jam with a half time chorus. As you can tell, It Dies Today’s time changes interest me greatly.

Even in the tracks in which the yelling is dominant and I am turned off by vocals, the intricacy of the drums and the strong guitars help me stay into it until the amazing harmonized choruses pipe in. “On The Road (To Damnation)” will have metal fans rocking, not my cup of tea but I can appreciate their talent in the style. The closing track is the perfect blend of calm vocals and yelling. Excellent cymbal use, and the lyrics are pretty good too. I liked the whispering in the bridge, it was different. And after the album was over, I didn’t feel like I suffered through. My horizons have been expanded. I am glad I held on and gave this album a better chance, I found a couple songs to throw onto my mixed CDs for road trips. It’s official, the emo editor likes a metal band. Trust me, I am just as confused as you are.

Top Tracks: Sixth of June, Sirens

Rating: 7.2/10


It Dies Today – Sirens / 2006 Trustkill / 11 Tracks / / / Reviewed 27 May 2007

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