The Juliet Dagger – Saturday Morning / Sooper (CD)

I had heard a lot about The Juliet Dagger, but did not have the ability to review them until I received this single in the mail. This single (which I am not sure if it will be released to the public) has as its’ A-side “Saturday Morning”. This track is very synth led, and will remind individuals of the shoegazer pop of acts like The Red Hot Valentines, although blended with The Donnas and Me First to come to the ultimate genesis of The Juliet Dagger’s sound.

The track even includes a children’s chorus, but this is one of the few children’s choruses that actually works with the track instead of being removed from the rest of the track’s body. Overall, this is a track that Is solid and catchy while not clinging on to life for longer than it should. The track does not have much to it beyond the chorus, but there is enough in the way of differentiation between each iteration of the same phrase that the band can reasonably get away with it. “Sooper” is the second track, and it uses a very seventies guitar to set the stage for what seems to be an alternative rock track from the early nineties. While not along the axis of Breeders-like music, there are some nods to acts like L7 and (even newer) Letters to Cleo and Switchblade Kittens.

This track has a different feel than “Saturday Morning”, while the band throws a few threads into both of the tracks. Both of the songs on this single could be singles of their own, and the great thing about this single is that there are videos for two other tracks – “One Funky Day” and “Rockets and Chocolate”. So, this is not a single in the traditional sense, as the material present assaults more than one sense; “Saturday Morning” and “Sooper” assault the ears while “One Funky Day” and “Rockets and Chocolate” affect both eyes and ears. The band has make me thirst for the album or work that is coming out in the near future. This single is trying to make people buy “Official Pez Video”, and I have little doubt that individuals could resist after listening to this single or going on the band’s Myspace and seeing what all they have to offer. I can’t wait for their next studio disc, as well as this video; The Juliet Dagger are fun.

Top Track: Saturday Morning

Rating: 6.5/10

The Juliet Dagger – Saturday Morning / Sooper / 2006 Good Charamel / 2 Tracks / / / Reviewed 19 October 2006


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