5 Craft Breweries in America You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Whether you consider yourself a beer drinker or not, it is hard to deny that craft beer is taking over the world. When you Google search “fun things to do in…” typically the results will include a few breweries no matter where you are in the world. There are even mobile apps for beer drinkers  that let you track which beers in the world you have tried and which ones you are dying to.

The ever-growing popularity of craft brewing is especially apparent in the United States. It seems like every other day a new brewery is making its debut. If you’re itching to drink some hoppy IPAs or rich stouts, check out these 5 popular craft breweries throughout America.

Boxing Bear Brewing Co. – Albuquerque, New Mexico

This New Mexico craft brewery has released some flavorful (and powerful) brews over the last few years. They have recently become famous for their Featherweight Session IPA and even received recognition for it at the 2018 North American Beer Awards.

Rhinegeist Brewery – Cincinnati, Ohio

Rhinegeist started out as a lesser-known Cincinnati brewery, but over the past few years it has grown exponentially. It is one of the fastest growing breweries in the country and has recently increased distribution to Kentucky, Massachusetts, Indiana, and Pennsylvania.

The must-try beer at Rhinegeist is Truth, a hoppy IPA with hints of tropical grapefruit and mango flavors. They also recently came out with 16-ounce cans of rotating hazy IPAs, and their Cidergeist is another crowd pleaser.

Tilted Barn Brewery – Exeter, Rhode Island

Don’t expect to find the beers brewed by Tilted Barn Brewery on the shelves of any liquor or grocery stores. The only place you can sip on their yummy Milo’s Phoenix IPA is within the confines of the actual brewery.

It is located in Rhode Island and started out as a hop-growing operation. The family-owned farm has since flourished into what it is today – and they still use their home-grown hops. In addition to Milo’s Phoenix IPA, be sure to try The Other One DIPA.

Holy Mountain Brewing – Seattle, Washington

Seattle has seriously stepped up its beer game with Holy Mountain Brewing. If you haven’t travelled out west to Washington or California, chances are you’ve never heard of these guys. But just to take a few sips of their spiced lagers, hoppy IPAs, and rich stouts would be worth the trip.

Word on the street is that Holy Mountain Brewing is hiring, so if you want to be a part of the beer-making crew you should send in an application. On your interview day, remember the wise words that interview coach Mike Simpson says; show your passion for the job in question and you’re likely to land the position.

Common Roots Brewing Company – South Glen Falls, New York

If you enjoy having a beer with your dad every once in a while, you’ll love Common Roots Brewing Company. It was founded by Bert and Christian Weber, a father-son duo that is passionate about brewing. The brewery is located in South Glen Falls, New York and their beer is distributed all throughout New York and Massachusetts.

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