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Becoming an influencer isn’t for the faint of heart. Only proper preparation and a steady work ethic will get you there. You’ll need to be on top of trends in the fitness and health industry, as well as speak to your audience effectively. Becoming an influencer isn’t all photoshoots and free products, though. Here are the steps to take to becoming a successful fitness influencer.

Work on your brand and tone of voice

The first step to becoming influential is having a voice and aesthetic that your audience will want to interact with. This is arguably the hardest part, but super important. It is essentially what will make people want to follow you and continue to “follow” you.

Start by thinking about what makes you, well, you. Then, create a mood board that has colors, styles, and words that embody what you want to convey. Keep this creative collage in mind as you create and grow as an influencer. Growing with your audience is important, but you also want to keep yourself in mind.

Post on all social media sites at least once a day

People are following you because they want to see posts. Think about what you want to be posting everyday and work on meeting your goals. There are online programs that can help you schedule posts and make sure you are on top of it. Always be on the lookout for photo opportunities and post ideas. If you want to be an engaging influencer, you have to have the content to back it up.

Decide which platforms reach your audience best and focus most of your energy there. Instagram is a good option for fitness influencers. It is easy to post videos of you doing workouts or snap photos of your healthy meals. There also are Instagram stories which makes interacting easier and quicker.

Connect with brands and work on pursuing sponsorships

There are several brands looking for fitness and health influencers. You can meet people and network through opportunities like these. Sponsorships are a great way to learn more about the health and fitness space, while also growing your credibility as an influencer.

There are big and small brands that are looking for influencers in this industry, so you might as well find some to reach out to! You can post their products on your social channels and have an affiliate code, which can get you some extra cash flow as well as make sales for them.

Find a way to further monetize this time-consuming hobby

Being a fitness influencer is time consuming. To monetize this hobby, think about what you can sell to your audience. Make sure you pick products that are relevant to them and can help them achieve fitness goals and a healthier lifestyle. A great example is a line of vitamins or supplements. These are things they can use when working out and reaching their fitness goals.

Search for “supplement manufacturers usa” and see what credible manufacturers pop up. There are many available that can help you personalize the perfect supplements for your fan base. You can also sell things like workout clothes or protein bars. Being a fitness influencer is a great way to start your own brand. This is a great way to start a lifelong career in this industry!

When becoming a fitness influencer, take these tips into consideration and you will reach thousands, maybe even millions. These are sure ways to excel in the influencer space and make some money off of this hobby.

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